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About us

Quality Assurance

Quality Management System

By core research and development process, Arcadyan complies with international quality standards of ISO 9001 and TL 9000 to construct the quality management system. Therefore, we commit to implement comprehensive quality management and strictly execute the product design, development, manufacturing and after-sales service to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. We also promote the core values, business strategies and quality policies by the quality policy.

Participation of entire staff

Customer satisfaction

Cost effective

Cost effective

Arcadyan’s philosophy of quality: Prevention is much better than correction.
Arcadyan pays great attention to the product quality at each development and manufacturing stage and upholds the perception of continuous improvement to provide quality beyond the expectation of the customer. We focus on design reviews during the NPI stage to capture potential quality issues as early as possible, the procedure includes:


Engineeing Verification Test

Each function during R&D stage / performance testing, validation testing, conformance testing and reliability testing.


Design Verification Test

Design review, regulation testing, system integration testing and manufacturability review.


Production Verifiction Test

Quality gate test


Mass Production

On-going reliability test

Manufacturing management

Arcadyan maintains our requirements for the quality and products shall undergo strict testing during each manufacturing stage to ensure meeting high-quality standards.

Comprehensive Shop Floor Information System for quality data collection.

Adopting the “8D systematic process” to identify the root cause of quality problem and prevent problem from occurring.

Adopting the management thinking of “6-Sigma Scheme” to fully improve the quality management and ensure the quality control from design to production process.

Customer satisfaction

Arcadyan pays attention to the voice and feedback of the customer. In addition to intense communication with the customer through e-mail or phone, we review the performance in all aspects with the customer by the customer satisfaction survey every year to ensure full understanding and satisfaction of the customer. According to the scoring results of the customer evaluation record and audit, we plan the improvement plan via the quality management system to set the enhancement of customer’s evaluation scores as the performance indicators of each department. We are dedicated to provide perfect product quality and service by constantly following up the satisfaction of the customer.