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About us


Core Competencies
ISO 9001 and TL 9000 Quality Management System

Established in 2003, Arcadyan engages in the research and development and global marketing of computer network products such as broadband multimedia network equipment. Since foundation, Arcadyan is devoted to provide customers with the best solutions based on the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer First” to achieve the Company's objective of sustainable business. As a leader in broadband multimedia network equipment, we demonstrate the best quality, innovation, efficiency, and response to customer needs to achieve customer satisfaction, create profits, and provide feedback to shareholders and employees. To achieve this goal, we acquired the certificates of ISO 9001 quality management system and TL9000 telecommunication quality management system in January, 2004.

Quality Policy: All employees shall take part in achieving the quality and satisfy customers' needs effectively and economically.

ISO 14001 & ISO 14006 Environmental and eco-design Management Systems

Arcadyan considers that environment is one of the important items which shall not be ignored in the pursuit of corporate business and development. A sustainable enterprise can only exist with the coexistence and co-prosperity of the environment, economy and society. To prevent negative impact of business the on the environment, Arcadyan introduces the ISO14001 environmental management and pays attention to green design of products. Besides introducing the lead-free process, we completed the restricted substances control standard for Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr6+. By introducing the ISO 14006 product eco-design management system, we implement the eco-design of products and effectively follow up and control various environmental performances via the establishment of systematic management system.

ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System

Employees are the most valued asset of the enterprise. By the human-​oriented concept, Arcadyan employs people based on their talents and provides healthy and safe workplace, complete career planning and competitive remuneration and welfare systems for employees to devote to their work without any concerns. Arcadyan introduces ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system and acquires the badge of accredited healthy workplace (issued by the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare) to constantly ensure the employee can work securely at a safe, healthy and hygienic workplace. Arcadyan also cares and understands the needs of the employee via communication and holds various activities to promote the physical and mental health. In this case, employees can contribute their strength while taking care of their physical and mental health to improve the work and living qualities.

Environmental safety and ecological policy

  • Comply with the domestic environmental, health / safety, and energy regulations, and effectively implement the environmental, health / safety, and energy management system.
  • All staff participate in product ecological design, environmental protection and energy management, and promote continuous improvement for sustainability.
  • Improve resource recycling and energy efficiency, and reduce the impact of carbon emissions in the supply chain.
  • Promote education and publicity on environmental safety, energy and product eco-design.
  • Implement employee health management, proactively prevent occupational disasters, and create a safe workplace with zero disasters.
ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

Arcadyan encounters diversified forms of risks, such as the laws and regulations in the location of business operations, business competition and natural disasters. It is every employee’s duty to transform various challenges and maintain the business. The purpose of risk management is to identify risk factors may cause negative impact on the business in advance. After proper evaluation and handling procedures, risks can be transferred, mitigated ted to further prevent the occurrence of losses; in the meantime, risks can be timely identified and warned in advance focusing on the changes in external and internal environments to enable employees to timely execute risk management within their scope of business. Arcadyan and CNC manufacturing center in China synchronously acquired ISO 22301 business continuity management system in 2012 to establish analysis and risk management processes. According to the PPTISSFT (personnel, place, technology, information, stakeholder, supplier, finance and transportation) results of key activities each year, we assess the frequency and potentiality of risks and establish recovery priority, incident management plan (IMP) and business continuity plan (BCP) to effectively manage any accidents that may result in the business interruption of Arcadyan.

Business continuity policy

  • Effectively management of any accidents may result in the business interruption of the Company.
  • During business interruption, ensure to provide key products and services to customers within the agreed time again.
  • Minimizing potential impact of business interruption on the Company and its goodwill.
ISO 27001 & ISO 27005 Information Security and Risk Management Systems

Given that information security is increasingly important to present industry, Arcadyan enhanced operations related to information security in 2012 to meet relevant regulations, contracts and requirements of customers and suppliers based on international standards. We also acquired international certificates of ISO 27001 information security management system and information security risk management. According to the principle of “information security is everyone’s responsibility,” each unit performs the information security monitoring operation and regularly conduct internal and external audits based on the information security policies, management procedures, operation instructions and regulations By the risk assessment of information assets, proper control measures are implemented for risks related to various information assets based on the characteristics of risks to achieve the goal of risk management vi risk reduction or transfer. This can ensure the confidentiality of information related to the business of Arcadyan and prevent breaches or losses of Arcadyan’s sensitive information and individual data.

Information security policy

  • Ensure the confidentiality of information related to the business of the Company to prevent breaches or losses of the Company’s sensitive information and individual data.
  • Ensure the completeness and availability of the Company’s business information to perform the operation and various business of the Company correctly.
BS 8001 Circular Economy

As the global population continues to grow and the earth's energy continues to deplete, Arcadyan has been committed to achieving the important goal of emission reduction while taking into account the development of the enterprise in recent years. In addition to focusing on resource reuse and carbon cycle reduction, Arcadyan thinks about how to make effective use of energy and resources in the product development process, and the ultimate goal is to move towards the vision of zero waste and zero emission of resource recycling. Arcadyan will introduce a circular economy system in 2021 to reduce energy resource consumption, reduce waste emissions, reduce environmental hazards, and improve corporate competitiveness. Based on circular economy thinking, formulate the Arcadyan environmental policy, change the design thinking, and continue to reuse, repair, or refurbish the product after the product is sold, so as to maximize the utilization rate of the product.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Global warming and climate change have become important issues for sustainable development in recent years. The international urgency to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reduce the use of fossil fuels, promote the use of high energy efficiency equipment, and develop renewable energy has accelerated Arcadyan’s determination to implement energy management. Without affecting the existing operation, improve its own energy use efficiency, improve energy performance to the best state, and combine it with Arcadyan's operation strategy and goals, and also through the reduction of energy use and cost, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and then to achieve the goal of sustainable operation and environmental friendliness.