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About us

Latest Innovation

Exceptional R&D capacity is the key to Arcadyan's continued competitive edge. To keep up with technological innovations and bring products to the markets as soon as possible, we have set up R&D centers in Taipei, Hsinchu, Shanghai and Guangdong. We also have technical support centers in Taiwan, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada and India to provide speedy technical consultation and after-sales service.

Software development is Arcadyan's core strength. Using a development-based software platform allows complex products to be converted into simple models and a quick response to market demand. Our own proprietary application software supports various open platforms meeting the needs of different customers to provide effective information security function, support digital home service and remote cloud as well as management Auto Provision. Creating outstanding sales performance in the telecommunication market.

The antenna is a key component used for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy in wireless transmission systems. As a leader in wireless networking products, Arcadyan places a strong emphasis on antenna design and development. We have established a dedicated department for developing products that offer high quality and transmission performance. Arcadyan has individually applied numerous patents in various markets and countries around the world; currently, we preserve the rights of over 200 patents.

To ensure the quality and functionality of our products, all Arcadyan products must undergo a strict testing procedure before mass production. These include:

Engineering Verification Test

  • Thermal and 4corner test
  • Functional test
  • Power measurement
  • Signal quality test
  • Conformance test
  • Interoperability test

Design Verification Test

  • Regulatory test
  • Reliability test
  • 3rd party certification

R&D personnel account for 70% of all employees. The skilled R&D teams ensure that Arcadyan maintains its competitive edge in an environment with rapidly evolving technologies and standards.