About Us

About us

Compal Inc.

Ever since its initiation as a PC peripheral supplier in 1984, Compal has grown to its present scale with outstanding management and solid R&D capacity. To meet client needs from design to manufacturing, we manufacture 5C products such as notebook computers, tablets, wearable devices, smart phones. In addition, we integrate our products into IoT application to create smart house and smart car to being a leading total solution provider.

Compal has received numerous accolades and awards from the government, its clients and established PC publications around the world for its impressive results and success in R&D. Compal's outstanding management performance in 2019has consistently made it way to Forbes global 2000 for its scale and No. 6 on CommonWealth Magazine list of 2000 Best Manufacturers.

Our management philosophy is innovation, harmony and transcendence. Guided by corporate spirit that embraces innovation, harmony and transcendence and follows “innovation is an attitude”, Compal is able to identify market trends and create new opportunities for better prospects. In addition to the development of internet application oriented notebook PCs, Compal's competent management has also made diversified deployments with insight and vision to construct a complete supply chain that will encompass communication, digital media, mobile devices, automotive electronics, vertical integration (i.e. chassis, bearing, connector, printed PCB and etc) components, panels and net connectivity with Compal Corporation at the heart of the supply chain. Meanwhile, Compal is developing smart wearables, investing the IPC industry and going deeply medical and vertical application markets.

Looking toward the future, with the hard work and contribution from 80,000 employees around the world, we are in the business of collaborative innovation and making those ideas happen to bring our clients from vision to reality.