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  • Remuneration system with industrial advantage
  • Annual salary adjustment/promotion
  • Dividends from earnings (based on the operation status of the Company and individual performance)
  • Bonuses for three holidays (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year)


【Gifts and Subsidies】

Birthday gifts, annual gifts, travel gifts, festival gifts, wedding and funeral subsidies, parental subsidies, lunch subsidies, free overtime snacks, club activity subsidies, discounts of special vendors and discounted ticket purchasing via agent


【Leaves and Attendance】

Annual leaves, accompanying maternity leaves, family care leaves, menstrual leaves, paid sick leaves for 5 days each year and parental leaves



Labor insurance, health insurance, free employee group insurance, and special program for familles, business travel insurance and preferential insurance program for lineal relatives


【Employee Health Care】

New employee health checkup, regular health checkup of employee every year, professional nurse for consultation, regular interrogation of specialist, medical and health lecture, prophylactic screening and health promotion activity


【Comfortable Environment for Work and Rest】

Health center, cafe, employee restaurant, yoga classroom, breastfeeding room, free coffee bar, massage room, free employee parking lot for vehicles and scooters and exercise equipment