Society Care and Public Welfare

2020 Social Participation in Public Welfare Activities Project

Arcadyan established "Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" to cooperate with social welfare groups to promote various social welfare activities. The committee draws up relevant plans every year and holds various lectures and experience activities to assist colleagues in implementing corporate social responsibility in their daily lives. Whether community participation, social contribution, social service, social welfare, consumer rights or other social responsibility activities, Arcadyan proactively responds to a number of public welfare activities every year, through the planning and execution of "Corporate Social Responsibility Committee", participate in activities to give back to the society and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

2020 Annual Results

  • Total Arcadyan company donations NT$1,259,667 & Total employee donations NT$1,032,712 (Total NT$2,292,379)
  • 833 people participated in charitable event
  • 2,315 persons receive the donation


專案名稱 詳細內容
Long-term Concern Through long-term attention and input, Arcadyan hopes to provide stable support to public welfare organizations and to exert greater effects on the promotion of social welfare. Since 2010, Arcadyan has been a long-term donation of social welfare organizations including Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Fund for Chil-dren and Families, Ai-Heng Training Center for Mental Retardation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, World Peace Council, Huaguang Intelligent Development Center and other groups.
A loving, Double Charity In order to make Arcadyan and employees' donations make great-er benefits, Arcadyan promotes a loving, dual charity that both Public Interest Groups can get help.
  • Purchase the Children Are Us Foundation and SAINT JOSEPH SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION cake gift box and transfer to the disadvantaged children in the hometown.
  • Donate charity clubs to flea market activities, and transfer income to charity groups.
  • Purchase rice from remote tribes and transfer it to Huaguang Intelligent Development Center.
  • Provide summer short-term job for children of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF).
Move Your Fingers to Do Charity E-commerce is not only a business act, but also the spirit and effect of public welfare. Arcadyan often achieves the goal of social care and public welfare through group pur-chases of employees.
  • 193 people subscribed to Children Are Us Foundation Festival cake to send love to the rural area.
  • 78 people subscribed to World Peace Moon cake to send love to the rural area.
  • 56 people participated in Kuen Tai Cultural and Educational Foundation Dream Realization Project
  • 18 people participated in the group purchase of handmade soaps by public welfare organizations.
  • 30 people participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box group purchase from Huashan Foundation and remote tribes
  • 125 people participated in the group purchase of World Peace Council products
From Zero to Charity Since the promotion of the "from zero to charity" public welfare do-nation program in 2015, colleagues can easily do public welfare by keeping a small amount of money to increase the willingness to participate in charitable donations.
  • From zero to one: From nothing to something, let colleagues have channels to participate in charity donations.
  • Accumulate less and make more: Use small money for charity, so that colleagues have a way to participate in charity donations.
  • Lump sum payment: from small change to whole number, making it easier for colleagues to participate in charity donations.
  • Donated cash vouchers to the Hsu Chauing Foundation, Children Are Us Foundation, and Hsinchu Public Welfare Group.
  • 32 people participated in the 11th Dream Realization and Soaring Project of Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation.
  • 95 people participated in the SAINT JOSEPH SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION's year-end donations and donated resources such as home care services for the disabled, rehabilitation aids and teaching equipment.
  • 91 people participated in the World Peace Conference's year-end donations to give disadvantaged children winter vacation meals and food boxes.
  • 106 people participated in the Andrew Charity Association's year-end donations, giving food boxes, emergency relief and disaster assistance to disadvantaged families.