Happy Workplace

Respect for Human Rights

Arcadyan formulates human rights policies in compliance with local regulations and the essence of international norms such as 《 International Labor Office Tripartite Declaration of Principles 》、《 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 》、《 UN Global Compact 》 to prevent any act that infringe or violate human rights.

Arcadyan headquarters and overseas production centers recruit employees solely based on personal character, ability, and match with the duties assigned. Under no circumstances would the company allow different treatment for race, ethnicity, social status, lineage, religion, disability, gender, sexual preference, family attachment, mar-ital status, political association, age or any other forms of discrimination.

Through risk assessment, overseas production centers are areas with high human rights risks, overseas production centers have established procedures such as “Use Child Labor and Minors Labor Control Procedure”, “Freedom of association and col-lective bargain rights control procedure”, “Prohibition of discrimination and punitive measures management procedure”, “Banned Forced Labor control Procedure”, etc. Ensure that employees do not work or serve under any retaliation or threat, or as debt-paying work or services. In 2021, "Anti-Forced Labor and Human Rights Policy", "Gender Equality Education and Training", and "Sexual Harassment Prevention Education and Training" will be held at the Hsinchu headquarters and overseas production centers to explain the forms of modern forced labor and the policy and implementation aspects and the reason of Arcadyan implements the human rights policy. The total number of training hours is 2,291 hours, a total of 2,291 colleagues have completed the training, and the completion rate of the course is higher than 95%.

Arcadyan enable all internal and external personnel to be equality and respected treated. Arcadyan set up formal reporting channels (hr_hq@arcadyan.com) for employees, suppliers, and other external stakeholders to report illegal, violating human rights, code of conduct or integrity management practices, prohibit suppliers using raw materials from conflict mineral sources, mitigating any negative impacts on the environment, society, and governance in the value chain.

So far, Arcadyan Group has never employed child labor or underage labor in violation of regulations, nor violated the labor standards or law. In the future, Arcadyan will continue to pay attention to the issue of human rights protection and promote relevant education and training to raise awareness of human rights protection and reduce the possibility of related risks.

Equal Opportunity

In accordance with 『Prohibition of discrimination and punitive measures management procedure』 provide equal job opportunities without discrimination of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, political orientation, religion, marriage, physical disability, etc.

Humane Treatment

In accordance with 『Use Child Labor and Minors Labor Control Procedure』, 『Prohibition of discrimination and punitive measures management procedure』 forbid forced labor and child labor, fight against any form of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Reasonable Working Hours

In accordance with 『Working Hours and Salary Management Procedures』, develop and implement appropriate management systems to control the safety and health of employees due to long working hours and few rest periods.

Salary and Welfare

In accordance with 『Working Hours and Salary Management Procedures』, Arcadyan establishes reasonable salary compensation and related management systems to ensure that salary remuneration complies with relevant regulations and maintains market standards. And also set various bonuses and annual salary adjustment plan based on company operation profit and individual employee performance.

Healthy and Safe Workplace

In accordance with 『Safety Production, Occupational health and Environmental Health Management Procedure』, formulate hardware facility maintenance standards and safety and health operating procedures. Comply with the local regulations of the operation locations, provide a safe, hygienic, and healthy working environment.

Labor-Management Communication

In accordance with 『Freedom of Association and Collective Bargain Rights Control procedure』, offer unrestricted freedom of association and respect for employees' right to peaceful assembly. Regular labor-management meetings provide channels for the expression of opinions and communication between labor and management.



Talent Cultivation and Development

Arcadyan focuses on employee development and is committed to talent cultivation. Arca-dyan actively encourages employees to participate in various training courses and self-learning. In addition to formulating annual training budgets and cooperating with profes-sional institutions to handle professional courses, Arcadyan also plans in accordance with Arcadyan’s operating strategy, functional structure and requirements to plan annual cours-es, continue to study technology and knowledge, and innovative thinking to assist the team to maintain technological leadership.



Employee Welfare

Arcadyan established the Employee Welfare Committee in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and government decree. In addition to providing various subsidies for employees' marriage, funeral, illness and childbirth, it also regularly organizes various clubs and tourism activities, birthdays, evening parties, etc. to promote the physical and mental health of employees. Employees are Arcadyan’s greatest asset. We are committed to providing comprehensive employee welfare measures and building a friendly working environment to promote the best balance between employees’ lives and work:

  • Employees have Annual Leave under the Labor Standards Act, and 5 days of paid sick leave are provided to employees each year superior to the Labor Standards Act.
  • Organize domestic and foreign employee tours, provide travel subsidies, and enhance emotional exchanges between colleagues and parent-child harmony
  • Held the year-end banquet to appreciate employee
  • Childbirth gift of NT$66,000 per child
  • Provide employees with free parking spaces for cars and scooter to meet their park-ing needs
  • Set up staff restaurants and coffee bars to cater for colleagues’ dietary needs
  • Set up a nursing room for female employees to breastfeed
  • Set up a comfortable activity center and various equipment for employees to stretch their muscles and bones and exercise
  • Attach importance to the resting environment and create elegant public spaces to allow employees to relax during breaks
  • Cooperate with non-profit organizations to held regular visually impaired massage activities
  • Book various gift voucher