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Taiwan, 2006/02/15
An Innovative Application for Music Broadcasting Services

Many people think of Home Entertainment when they hear Digital Audio Receiver. However, the device designed for digital home use is now getting rid of these limitations to expand its applications out of the home by linking up with a provider of music broadcasting services. It not only raises the demand for the Digital Audio Receiver but also encourages a new business model attracting more and more service providers’ participation.

Jeou-Tai Technology Corp. is the biggest provider of music broadcasting services in public places such as hotels, coffee shops, hair salons, restaurants, convenience stores and chain stores in Taiwan. They provide their service via satellite communication technology. Due to high installation costs, high monthly rent and signal degradation, Jeou-Tai sought an innovative replacement solution. The service quality in particular was a key concern. Arcadyan’s Digital Audio Receiver is the best solution to fit these requirements. Combining the core advantages of ease of installation, popularization, low installation and rental costs, with technical maturity, Internet technology is the best solution for Jeou-Tai to upgrade their service quality and to adapt to wired/wireless environments.
It is not a revolution. However, it is a creation of a new business model by adopting Internet technology. For the service provider and subscribers, one of the most important benefits is cost efficiency; the costs of installation and rent of an Internet connection are much less than satellite communication. Replacing the large-sized and sophisticated satellite signal receiver equipment, the subscribers only need one Ethernet cable and a Digital Audio Receiver to connect to the Internet and receive the service uninterrupted.  It is not only convenience, but also quality assurance for subscribers who can use their Internet connection to enjoy 128kbps high quality audio service. Moreover, the provider can create a specific channel and customize content. It also brings benefits to the provider by spreading the service more easily without complex installation processes.
It is an exciting prospect - the ability to create more and more business opportunities. For example, in public spaces such as airports and subway systems, tourism and service businesses. Incorporated into these adoptions of the Arcadyan Digital Audio Receiver, is the provider's opportunity to create international co-operation with the exchange of content between countries. We see a business model brought forward by a new application of successful vertical integration which stimulates the digital entertainment industries and pushes the digitization age forward. It is a pioneer of the vertical integration of the content/service provider and device supplier in the Asia Pacific region and even worldwide. We foresee huge potential in the near future and expect it to be a trend in digital music service provision to enrich our daily lives.
Arcadyan Digital Audio Receiver Introduction
A standalone (no PC required) network music device, bringing best-of-breed Internet music into your home, workplace and even public areas for personal, ambient and business applications. The Arcadyan Digital Audio Receiver is flexible and highly customizable for various service/usage scenarios. 
•   A standalone Internet music player
•   LCD display panel and remote control
•   802.11b/g mPCI, 10/100 Ethernet
•   Supports MP3/MP3-Pro/LPCM/WMA audio formats
•   Supports UPnP, HTTP/MMS, WEP/WPA
•   Analog RCA/earphone, Digital Fiber/Coaxial audio output
•   Plug and Play, no PC required
•   EZ control : remote controller
•   Usage scenario : home, workplace, public areas
•   Supports various content services and business models 

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