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Taiwan, 2006/03/20
Arcadyan Introduces TRIPOLIS - A Well-designed Network Management Solution

Arcadyan would like to offer the best scalability tools to our loyal customers. Tripolis is a specially designed network management solution used to provide differentiated services and quick responses for all Arcadyan customers. It is comprised of the full network management functions of broadband, Management, WAN connection, Wireless, Security & Firewall, VoIP, QoS, Multimedia, ADSL and VPN running on Super Task OS. All Arcadyan ADSL Routers, VoIP Gateways, Wireless Routers and IADs are accessible with Tripolis.

The most important feature of Tripolis is its flexibility. With the Arcadyan Tripolis solution, customers can efficiently compose hundreds of product series to fulfill different needs and also keep their competitive advantage. Just like a function-rich one-stop shop, based on different marketing focuses, Tripolis will help customers determine the product functions, and Arcadyan can design and produce it quickly. Without long-term negotiation and technical verification, all functions in the Tripolis selection list are mature and well-performed. Moreover, with our strong R&D team’s backup, Tripolis will be updated by the latest network technology continuously, inkeeping with Arcadyan’s leading position in the networking industry.
What Benefits Tripolis Offers:
•  Effectively assists the alliance partners with differentiated product series in different 
    kinds of market segments
•  Efficiently helps the alliance partners with customization services in specific business channels
•  Successfully supports the alliance partners designing their products ahead of their competitors
•  Joint development with chipset vendors to ensure up-to–date technologies and applications
•  As easy as ABC to adopt the Tripolis solution

Tripolis Infrastructure

Management Solutions • 

Offering the newest technologies and powerful management interfaces: 
TR-069, WT104, Web, Telnet and Console

TR-069 and WT104 standard-compliant for remote management solutions
Firewall \ Security Solution
Providing comprehensive protection against hacker attacking with Basic firewall, SPI firewall and DoS News Release(up to 32 patterns)
More advanced DoS/Firewall configuration provides specific information/packet checking to close off all kinds of attack at different layers
QoS Solutions
Efficiently controlling network resources in different applications of IPTV, Wireless, Internet games, Bandwidth Control (by Byte, by %), VoD, Download/Upload data
As required,Tripolis OoS controls ATM layer (CBR, VBR and UER), IP layer (DiffSer, IP), and MAC layer (MAC address) effectively
High Voice Quality on
VoIP Applications
Offering 2 FXS ports and 1 FXO port for traditional telephones and IP phones
Providing SIP, H.232 and STUN to make IP phone calls
Advanced parameter configurations to adjust line quality
Supporting 3 way conference calling, call transfer, dialing plan and quick dial
Triple-Play Integrating voice, multi-media and data (wired/wireless) for digital entertainment/services

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