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    Compal Electronics Inc.

Since its establishment as a PC peripheral supplier in 1984, Compal has grown to its present scale as a result of outstanding management and solid R&D capacity. Today, Compal has secured its status as a leading manufacturer of notebook PCs and LCD products which are renowned for their exceptional quality. In addition, Compal has been taking firm strides in the development of the 5Cs (Cloud, Connecting, Computing, Communication and Consumer). In an effort to construct an efficient global operation system, Compal has established business sites in China, Vietnam, the U.S., Brazil and Poland so as to provide versatile and speedy services to live up to its reputation as a world renowned brand name in PC and IT products.

Compal’s corporate headquarters is located in the Neihu district of Taipei and it is the hub of Compal’s various operations including administration, sales, purchasing, account and finance as well as its R&D center. Compal has been aggressively cultivating its capacity for independent R&D in order to secure key technologies. Thorough and efficient in-house communication, step-by-step project completion and solid development capabilities have always been the key strengths of Compal that allowed the Company to win its customers’ trust. Thanks to the collective effort and hard work from more than 4,000 highly-skilled individuals in technology around the world, coupled with the Company’s spirit for total commitment, Compal’s offerings of IT products have always been in line with consumers’ needs.

Compal has received numerous accolades and awards from the government, its clients and established PC publications from around the world for its impressive results and success in R&D. Compal’s outstanding management performance in 2010 has secured its position in the top-three publicly listed companies in Taiwan. Not only that, Compal has been named as the No.1 company in Taiwan’s Top 100 High-Tech Corporations by Business Next Magazine for its exceptional management efficiency and technological capabilities. The Company also made its way to Fortune’s International 500 list of the top 500 corporations worldwide for its scale.

Guided by a corporate spirit that embraces innovation, harmony and transcendence, Compal is able to identify market trends and create new opportunities for better prospects. In addition to the development of internet application-oriented notebook PCs, Compal’s competent management has also made diversified deployments with insight and vision to construct a complete supply chain that will encompass communication, digital media, mobile devices, automotive electronics, vertical integration (i.e. chassis, bearing, connector, printed PCB, etc.) components, panels and net connectivity with Compal Corporation at the heart of the supply chain.
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