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Mobile Broadband N150 Wi-Fi Router

The Mobile Broadband N150 Wi-Fi Router is a Mobile Broadband WiFi Router which is compacted design to provide wireless LAN, Ethernet, and routing functions services via the mobile network. The lightning-fast Internet access or remote connection feature makes it the perfect solution for the residential and SOHO users.

According to the different LTE module configuration, the high speed bandwidth allows user to enjoy multiple service over LTE network or 2G/3G UMTS network. The maximum data packets of downstream is 100Mbps and upstream is 50Mbps. Mobile operator can use the high bandwidth to deliver a variety of value-added services, such as multiple streaming video, Internet surf, etc.

The product provides best QoS (Quality of Service) for different streaming, such as video, voice, etc. Intelligent layer 2 and 3 QoS mechanisms guarantee voice and video are on the higher priority. Multiple users can access the Internet through ISP connection (IP/PPP). Advance router features are also supported such as NAT, DHCP, and firewall, etc. to provide the capability to construct private network. Graphical user interface (GUI) software for installation, configuration, and management will also be provided with the product. An optional configuration of the unit is to act as a WLAN access point that meets with IEEE 802.11g/n. Wireless security and QoS benefit user high quality of wireless connection.


● Economical, flexible, and performance
● Compacted design and cost-effective
● low power consumption
● Simple and friendly to use
● Plug–and–play ability
● Remote management system meets TR-069/TR-196
● Remote management system meets OMA-DM (option)
● Over the air S/W upgradeable


LTE Features   Network Features
Standard:   IP sharing for LAN with up to 253 users
  3GPP Rel. 8 LTE Compliant   ToS, Diffserv, QoS guarantee voice
  3GPP Rel. 9 LTE Compliant via      and video quality
  S/W upgrade   IGMP proxy for IP TV application
Frequency Band (LTE):   IEEE802.1P/Q
  Band3, 7, 20, 13, 38, 40, etc.   Multiple queues processing for different
Frequency Band (MUTS): Band 1, 2, 8     packet type
Frequency Band:   Dynamic DNS proxy
  GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad-band   NAT and NAPT
Duplex Mode: FDD / TDD selectable   Virtual server and Virtual DMZ
Channel Bandwidth:   Firewall function with Access Control
  1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20MHz     List (ACL)
Output Power: + 23dBm +/- 2dB   Firewall function with Hacker pattern
Receive Sensitivity:   detection (DoS)
  -94dBm (10MHz, estimated)    
RF Modulation: Management Features
  QPSK/16QAM (UL) HTTP embedded web server
  QPSK/16QAM/64QAM (DL)   Web UI management via local or
3GPP MIMO Mode:     remote site
  1 Transmitter / 2 Receivers   TR-069, TR-104
3GPP Category:   OMA-DM (Option)
  Category 3 (100Mbps/50Mbps)   Password protection support over
Receiver Type: MLSIC     16 characters
Payload: IPV4, IPV6   Firmware upgrade via HTTP
Antenna:   Firmware upgrade via FTP
  Integral MIMO antennas SNMP v1/v2 management
  Connector for External Antenna (Option)   UPnP
      OTA support (LTE Module side)
Wireless Features      
IEEE802.11 g/n compliant with       
  2.4GHz band      
Up to 54Mbps (11.g), 150/300Mbps (11.n)      
IEEE802.1x and TKIP      
Backward compatible to IEEE802.11b      


  Application Diagram


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